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ICICI Prudential Website Turns Down Its Customers

Go to ICICI Prudential website and click Track Application  link in the top navigation pane as you see in the image above. You will see that the website takes you nowhere. You'll wonder if the click didn't go through right and you'll try again only to see that the website has no intention of allowing you to track the status of your application. Don't know if this is by design or an accident. But based on my experience with them so far it looks like the former. What they are demonstrating is how much they care for their customers? In days where companies compete to reduce number of clicks to improve customer experience (CX) or user experience (UX), this company misses even the basic sanity check, showing the exit door to its potential customers. Lesson: Count your customers not money. Let money be the byproduct of winning customers' heart. Do pay attention to your product's User/Customer Experience.

14 Reasons for Sadness According to Mahabharata

After the Kuru war, in the moment of a victory that has come at a great cost, Yudhishthira goes to meet Bhishma, who is in his dying breaths. Yudhisthira’s inquisitive dialogue with Bhishma, which takes place here, spans Shanti and Anushasana parvans of the Mahabharata.  In this dialogue, Yudhishthira asks Bhishma, "Why does one feel sorrow? why does one feel pain?" Bhishma’s answer is comprehensive, it nearly spans 18 shlokas. The reasons he enlists are both intrinsic and extrinsic in nature.  Note:  In this conversation, the one who asks the question, Yudhishthira, has suffered immense anguish through ignominy to the victory. The one who answers is Bhishma, who has lived a life full of difficult choices, and who even in his last moments experiences a prolonged agony. Despite of worldly comforts, when one is in a foreign land, away from home and away from the loved ones, one feels a gnawing loneliness. That makes them long and yearn. (In Welsh language, there is a beautiful

Microsoft Teams Quiz : Can You Be Both Available And Away At The Same Time?

  Oh boy Microsoft, how can a person be both A vailable  and A way  at the same time? Are you building Teams to be a philosophical product??