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Uh-Oh Decade Of Enterprise Software Development

This was a decade when it was not easy for a start-up to even give birth, for things were so complex and expensive too. There wasn't promulgation of open-source tools and technologies and the cheap cloud that takes so much of the pain out from you for infrastructure management was simply not there.  This was an era when one enterprise was painfully dependent on other for the  specialized services that the other provides. This mandated the need for Project Managers over Engineering Managers. And the viral joke in the community was something like,  "If you got a person in the development team who is not capable of any of its function but is surviving by his glib talk, make him a Project Manager".  

10 Myths About Microservices

10 myths about Micro-services, that we often hear to believe it is true. Micro-services has become a very hot topic in the last half-decade. After Agile, DevOps, its Microservices that we hear everywhere I go. The unfortunate thing that I witnessed though, is that, every organization and every person in that organization has their own definition of what a  Microservice is. Just as the way, Agile and DevOps momentum are abused because of the cult status it achieved, Microservices too seem to have fallen in the same bandwagon. This post is about recording the top 10 myths that we often hear often about Microservices to believe it is true. And they are:

Integers Not Floats As Tickers On Axis Of Matplotlib Plot

Windows 10 Right-Click Menu Option Not Disappearing After It Is Selected

Dirty Solution For an immediate fix, when experiencing the problem: Change your monitor settings and then revert them to whatever you had it as before. Clean Solution To fix it for good after that: Click the Start menu. Right click on Computer. Click Advanced System Settings, in the left pane. Under Performance, click Settings. Now, un-check the Fade/Slide out options.

Clone Column In Python

3 Lessons From My First Startup Failure

I love Quora and was once asked a question, " What did your first startup teach you? ". It prompted me to think again about it and I wanted to share my experience in condensed form to help this wannabe Entrepreneur in his preparation for this adventure. And I distilled my lessons from the experience to these 3 points as an answer.  This blog post is a reproduction of that answer.

Book Review - Pro Vagrant

This book helps you transition from "knowing nothing about to Vagrant" to "becoming productive Vagrant user" rapidly. It is very pragmatic where the author has taken great efforts to hand-hold the reader along the way to becoming productive with Vagrant. Buy it at Amazon and read it today! You don't need to get hold of another book on this topic. Happy learning!