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December 7, 2018

Integers Not Floats As Tickers On Axis Of Matplotlib Plot

Windows 10 Right-Click Menu Option Not Disappearing After It Is Selected

Dirty Solution

For an immediate fix, when experiencing the problem: Change your monitor settings and then revert them to whatever you had it as before.

Clean Solution

To fix it for good after that: Click the Start menu. Right click on Computer. Click Advanced System Settings, in the left pane. Under Performance, click Settings. Now, un-check the Fade/Slide out options.

Clone Column In Python

December 6, 2018

3 Lessons From My First Startup Failure

I love Quora and was once asked a question, "What did your first startup teach you?". It prompted me to think again about it and I wanted to share my experience in condensed form to help this wannabe Entrepreneur in his preparation for this adventure. And I distilled my lessons from the experience to these 3 points as an answer. 

This blog post is a reproduction of that answer.