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Are we living in the most chaotic times?

Chaotic Times I think YES! Don't trust me on this? Pick any one of the items from the following list, think of how you would define it and then go about asking others on their thoughts about it all to see how different your perspective is from theirs..and keep doing this for a while. Agile Vs SAFe Vs Scrum Vs <your_enterprise_(fr)agile_methodology> DevOps Vs Agile DevOps Vs SysOps Vs Infrastructure Automation SOA Vs Microservices Data Warehouse Or Data Lake or Data Mart or Data Mesh or Data LakeHouse Data Science Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning Data Analyst Vs Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer Project Manager Vs Product Manager Vs Product Owner Vs Engineering Manager Prototype Vs MVP Serverless Vs Otherwise Startup Vs Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Or Multi-cloud Or Federated Cloud TDD Vs BDD Vs Otherwise Message Queue Or Message Broker Preacher leadership Or Practioner leadership Human Resources Or People Jumping Jacks Vs Dated Davids  Titles or Roles