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Book Review - Jump Start Git

The author has gone a little bit beyond Jump Starting to Git in the last of the chapters where he briefs about refs, reflogs, fsck, etc.  The author has also given instances from the real world where a few git commands come handy. All these are important in setting the context of how Git helps in the real world.  This book can always serve as a quick reference guide in the everyday usage of Git. Nice job! Get your copy from Amazon now.

Book Review - Jump Start SASS

This book is a page turner. I finished reading this book and got comfortable with Sass faster than I had expected. What is to be truly appreciated is that the authors have taken due diligence to share their experience and perspective by way of showing some nice real-world examples and explaining them too. Not often, do you find this in tech books. Kudos to the authors for their efforts to help the reader by way of sharing their experience early on where required. Go get your own copy now from Amazon .

Book Review - Jump Start Sketch

A great primer. Expect no more. This book is for beginners - a great primer. It details what is what and how to use it for quick in your everyday use. All said, one example of a simple web page design with the lessons learnt all through the book, would have been great and helped it gain the full 5 stars. It's because of this missing piece, I didn't give it a full 5-star rating. Note: I am a developer that read this book to aid learning to prototype web-page design in Sketch 3. You may get your copy from Amazon , should you want it.

Show fingerprint of SSH public key

$ ssh-keygen -lf /path/to/keys/ 2048 SHA256:rj89aIMaGe6SADuvsnItdE/NgCYJcnU4R0e3PSK8UKak (RSA) $ ssh-keygen -lvf /path/to/keys/ 2048 SHA256:rj89aIMaGe6SADuvsnItdE/NgCYJcnU4R0e3PSK8UKak (RSA) +---[RSA 2048]----+ | ..+* . | |o . + . . | |o.. o o . | | . . o o = | |. * . S * | |+ ..E . o + | |oo oo . o.. o | |=oo.oo....o | |+Bo.o++.. o . | +----[SHA256]-----+ $ ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f /path/to/keys/ 2048 MD5:98:ab:f6:d0:bc:49:8b:ae:4b:89:29:c3:d1:a8:82:59 (RSA) This works in mac or any linux based terminal.

Reference Ordering of elements in Relative Layout

Reference Ordering of elements in Relative Layout in Android is indeed important. See the difference between the outputs of the above layouts in screenshots below. Do feel free to copy paste the code snippets yourself and play your way. UI Output from activity_android_ui_1.xml UI Output from activity_android_ui_2.xml

[Case-Study] Who stole our cheese?

A Little Know-Who In the Divided States of Unfairy Land, there is this much celebrated transport company that embraces change every few years to keep up with its competitor.

Change screen orientation in GenyMotion

Pre-requisite Ensure like in your Android Devices, you've set the screen orientation to Auto-Rotate. It should not be in Portrait or Landscape mode, otherwise the user actions in this blog post won't work. And that is correct behaviour :)

HTTPie over cURL

cURL is a pretty awesome tool with exhaustive features that you can leverage. But, the question is in your regular day-work how much of it do you use? If the answers is hardly any or some of it's features. Then, you're better off installing and trying out HTTPie.

Chat between Agile Coaches - Case 1

The Context In the United States of Fairy Land, there is this much celebrated automobile company that decided to embrace Agile to better position itself in the competitive market. The management at the top of the pyramid makes a huge bet on this initiative and extends its full support with much openness and belief. The company then hires hordes of Agile coaches from varied consulting firms. Its been a couple of years since this initiative has started and they wanted more Agile Coaches. They included another consulting firm in its basked and started to hire their coaches. As things will have it, nearly every team has two coaches, one for processes and other for software engineering discipline. Mr. Gabbu is a certified Agile process coach (you name it and he has go it) who has been with a new product development team since its inception, for the last 6 months so to say. The team's management felt for a need to induce a software craftsmanship coach and calls for one. The c

Accessing localhost server in host machine from Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion runs on  Virtualbox , and the default network configuration is “ Host-Only ”. Host-only essentially means all network requests within Genymotion are routed through the host machine. Put other way, the host becomes the network proxy for Genymotion. Now should we run any service in the host machine that Genymotion needs to make use of, all we need to do is get the host machine ip address as seen by Genymotion Virtualbox. From host machine perspective, the name of the Genymotion’s network will be  vboxnet0.

A Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Programmer

It starts with investigating a reported bug.  More often than not his/her hunting for the source of the said bug results in discovering more bugs to bug him/her.  ::facepalm:: Still can't empathise with him/her? Check out the visual metaphor below #DebuggingLegacySystem #Fragile #FAIL

The Inconvenient Truth