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February 16, 2020

Are we living in the most chaotic times?

Chaotic Times

I think YES! Don't trust me on this? Pick any one of the items from the following list, think of how you would define it and then go about asking others on their thoughts about it all to see how different your perspective is from theirs..and keep doing this for a while.
  • Agile Vs SAFe Vs Scrum Vs <your_enterprise_(fr)agile_methodology>
  • DevOps Vs Agile
  • DevOps Vs SysOps Vs Infrastructure Automation
  • SOA Vs Microservices
  • Data Warehouse Or Data Lake or Data Mart or Data Mesh or Data LakeHouse
  • Data Science Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
  • Data Analyst Vs Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer
  • Project Manager Vs Product Manager Vs Product Owner Vs Engineering Manager
  • Prototype Vs MVP
  • Serverless Vs Otherwise
  • Startup Vs Enterprise
  • Hybrid Cloud Or Multi-cloud Or Federated Cloud
  • TDD Vs BDD Vs Otherwise
  • Message Queue Or Message Broker
  • Preacher leadership Or Practioner leadership
  • Human Resources Or People
  • Jumping Jacks Vs Dated Davids 
  • Titles or Roles
Got an item to add to this compilation? Do share your thoughts..

January 23, 2020

Checklist For Saner AWS Cloud Migration

10 steps to AWSomeness

In my earlier post titled, "The War Of Cloud Adoption / Migration", I had shared my observations of how badly under-prepared the enterprises big and small were for cloud adoption. This post is a follow up on that one to help them in their cloud journey.

IMPORTANT : I would like to state that this post is by no means a substitute to professional guidance of cloud experts but should serve you as a good starting point in your cloud journey before you get the experts on-boarded.

January 22, 2020


Do you have what it takes to own a beast???

Cloud adoption/migration is akin to festive shopping, where you have innumerable options in terms of variety, cost, speed, durability, quality, etc. 

As first things first, you got to know what your core wants are from the endeavors you are about to carry on.  

Then, if you are desirous of mitigating hard surprises, you should :  
* do planning, and budgeting before you shop,  
* do regular tracking of it all, on the go and
* do keep conversing and getting feedback
to help making better decisions for safe journey and enjoyable destination.

December 29, 2019

Bash CLI command to remove prefix from multiple file names in a directory

Before you run the below command from your target directory, you can set the prefix value in bash prompt like prefix=[FinanceDept].

Also If you want some confirmation before action, you can do it interactively using "-i" flag to the command below. It also helps to minimize accidental damages with the command execution.
Hope it serves you well!

October 29, 2019

Should I choose AWS CodePipeline or Jenkins?

Jenkins is a "Product". If you pick Jenkins, then you will have to figure out ways to manage the environment and infrastructure where it is deployed, just as the way you would have to manage your very own web-app deployment environment.
AWS CodePipeline is "Product as a Service". You don’t have to worry one bit about managing the environment in which the underlying product is deployed because AWS does that for you.
If I were you, I would favour CI/CD services like AWS CodePipeline over picking up Jenkins and managing its infrastructure ecosystem.
That said there are a lot of alternatives to AWS CodePipeline, that you can pick-up depending upon your mileage/bias. Some of them are listed below:
  • CircleCI used by 20k+ organisations, the notable ones being Facebook, Spotify, etc
  • TravisCI used by companies like ZenDesk, Heroku, etc
  • Atlassian’s Bamboo, the creators of Bitbucket as alternative to Github.
  • CodeShip that hasa ssome marquee brands like Splunk, CNN, AutoDesk etc using it as their CI/CD platform
Guess, you got what you wanted to know. Happy exploration!!..

Disclaimer: This was my response to a question in Quora a long while back.