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Benchmarking Web Application with Autobench

When it comes to do performance testing of a web application, there crops up crazy many questions like,  "What all aspects of the web application do we need to cover as part of performance testing?", "What are the different tools that are readily available?", "How much money can we or the company spend in this effort?", "Where do I start from?", "What all tools should I consider?", "On what basis should I filter some of them for further consideration?", etc. I'm not going to provide insight on what is the best way to go about it or even publish how we went about doing it all. I will however blog on those points sooner or later. If you however have crossed these points and made up your mind to spike or consider using Autobench, then read on......and share me your experience or comments. What is Autobench? Autobench is an open-sourced tool to do fairly decent performance testing of any web application. It is a wrapper o

FAQ on RVM - Ruby Version Manager

How do I manage different versions of Ruby and its associated gems in my system? The obvious answer is RVM. I have been using it for quite a while now and started to put the frequently used commands (fuc) and questions that keep cropping up in my mind in this page. I should come handy as cheatsheet or whatever when I need to quickly get the answer. I very humbly acknowledge that I have been perusing for answers at  but felt the need for a one-stop-page to look for quick answers. So did this page happen. I will keep updating this page with all relevant questions/problems that I have/faced possibly with right answers/solutions. What is the command to know if RVM is currently loaded in the opened shell? $ type rvm | head -n1 (If this shows " rvm is a function ", you're good to go)    What is the command to install a specific version of Ruby, say 1.9.1? $ rvm install 1.9.1 What is the command to use a specific version of ruby installed in