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Start-Stop MongoDB Server in Mac

Mac's System Preference => MongoDB Preference Pane Are you one of those who find it a pain to start/stop MongoDB server from the command line or perhaps looking for a better alternative or in particular wish you do it through a UI? And are you a Mac user?

What is Object-Oriented Programming?

I haven't seen a bett er explanation about OOP till date than the one given by a guy who never had any formal engineering training but always had clear idea about everything he did and preached, be it technology,design or ar t. Here, in an exc erpt from a 1994 Rolling Stone interview , Jobs explains what object-oriented programming i s.

Supervise your node app in development

It's such a pain during the development of node.js apps that we often forget to restart our app after the changes are made in the source code of the app. And even if we are diligent enough to remember and restart the node server after every change, it is still a pain.

Express 3.x - Web-app framework without Web-server

This image is not the logo of ExpressJS Looks like with Express 3.x the code is more modularised. Express framework is now a web framework devoid of web server functionality. For the sake for simplicity and clarity by comparison, check the code pre and post Express 3.x version, all by yourself. I believe the code is self-explanatory. And I should say, I like Express 3.x this way - loose coupling.

Convenience of Ruby's Readline

What API do you use to get input from terminal for a CLI app - use the combination of gets and chomp in ruby? That is okay. But didn't feel some pain trying to input again (and again?) in case of any input typo/error? Didn't you wish the CLI-app in ruby mimic the completion feature or the history feature as in the terminal?

Debugging Shebang

Coding is eternal fun and learning exercise. Take the case of an example code snippet below that I tried to run like $ ./debugging_shebang.rb in the command line and it threw an error like -bash: puts: command not found