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Workstation Laptop Versus Gaming Laptop

My Backdrop As geeky entrepreneur I dabble on many things tech and look for opportunities to see how tech can be leveraged to solve a business problem. I got really dirty learning and hacking Machine Learning problems and dabbled a bit on Deep Learning a couple of years back.  I always wanted to get back to learning more on the Deep Learning side of things when possible. "Deep Learning" is the key word. I haven't played Games after my college days. Since the time I started my consulting venture, I end-up working either full-stack or some part of it depending on my consulting gig that I end-up signing for. So when I wanted to purchase a laptop, I ended up ordering a Gaming Laptop with Intel -7 processor and RTX 2070 GPU, based on advice of Tim Dettmers . I know very many companies that procure a Gaming Laptop for their ML/DL engineers. Also, you will see almost all ML/DL web-sites advising its readers to go for Gaming Laptops.  I'm not used to settling down easy and i

My Thoughts On AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Thanks to lock-down due to Covid-19 and my consequent inability to get my laptop repaired to replace the motherboard, I started to prepare for SAP-C01 on an ad-hoc basis to begin with. Heck, I got to wait even for a new customized laptop.  A couple of days back, I took the exam online via PearsonVue and managed to clear it with a score of 840/1000. And that means I got 16% of the questions wrong which translates to 12/75 questions. Ouch, that hurts!...okay, I was just kidding, I didn't prepare with the intent of scoring 100%. I'd like to share my experience of taking the exam just so you are better prepared to clear it. My Thoughts About The Exam And Tips To Help You Prepare Better The exam covers a wide gamut of AWS services. The real exam might dominate of a few set of services and/or types of questions - call it your luck: In my case, I was wondering if I was taking an Advance Networking Specialty exam, when I saw one question of the other hitting on topics in the realm of A