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10 Corporate Lingos To Know For A Great Workplace

Let's cut to chase on this topic. Checkout my 10 must know definitions for most commonly abused/confused corporate lingo, in my words as I see it, for you to learn and adopt to have an engaging and productive workplace.

  1. Organization Culture = Not what leadership says but what leadership practices.
  2. People Leadership = When leadership STOPS seeing people as resources and STARTS seeing them as a team to work with.
  3. Product Leadership = Work towards boosting revenue, and reducing costs, by simplifying/enriching  user experience using data and technology.
  4. Engineering Leadership = Delivering business value by Balancing Business Expectations against Engineering Team Expectations and Capacity; and look for continuous improvement in all things between business and team leveraging technology and adopting better practices.  
  5. Feedback = Is a two-way street in conversation that has signals (data or specific incident details) where you stop and pause before resuming. It is NOT a 1-way highway of opinion where one feels entitled to give it and expects the listener to take it without any questions. 
  6. Smart Hiring = When hiring is focused on improving selection criteria of candidates and not be obsessed about filtration. 
  7. Smart Retention = When you understand the proverbial statement that reads, "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush".
  8. Smart Firing = Not doing it for performance but for dangerous behavior that puts business or teams at risk.
  9. True Loyalty = Not how long one stays with a company but what one contributed to it, during one's stay in the realm of his capacity and influence.
  10. Hierarchy = Not entitlements for vested interests but growth of risks, and responsibilities in one's charter as recognition of one's potential to deliver without compromising on values.
Think there is a better way to define it? I sure would love to hear your thoughts..