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Book Review - Jump Start Git

The author has gone a little bit beyond Jump Starting to Git in the last of the chapters where he briefs about refs, reflogs, fsck, etc.  The author has also given instances from the real world where a few git commands come handy. All these are important in setting the context of how Git helps in the real world.  This book can always serve as a quick reference guide in the everyday usage of Git. Nice job! Get your copy from Amazon now.

Book Review - Jump Start SASS

This book is a page turner. I finished reading this book and got comfortable with Sass faster than I had expected. What is to be truly appreciated is that the authors have taken due diligence to share their experience and perspective by way of showing some nice real-world examples and explaining them too. Not often, do you find this in tech books. Kudos to the authors for their efforts to help the reader by way of sharing their experience early on where required. Go get your own copy now from Amazon .

Book Review - Jump Start Sketch

A great primer. Expect no more. This book is for beginners - a great primer. It details what is what and how to use it for quick in your everyday use. All said, one example of a simple web page design with the lessons learnt all through the book, would have been great and helped it gain the full 5 stars. It's because of this missing piece, I didn't give it a full 5-star rating. Note: I am a developer that read this book to aid learning to prototype web-page design in Sketch 3. You may get your copy from Amazon , should you want it.