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Checklist For Saner AWS Cloud Migration

10 steps to AWSomeness In my earlier post titled, " The War Of Cloud Adoption / Migration ", I had shared my observations of how badly under-prepared the enterprises big and small were for cloud adoption. This post is a follow up on that one to help them in their cloud journey. IMPORTANT : I would like to state that this post is by no means a substitute to professional guidance of cloud experts but should serve you as a good starting point in your cloud journey before you get the experts on-boarded.


Do you have what it takes to own a beast??? Cloud adoption/migration is akin to festive shopping, where you have innumerable options in terms of variety, cost, speed, durability, quality, etc.  As first things first, you got to know what your core wants are from the endeavors you are about to carry on.   Then, if you are desirous of mitigating hard surprises, you should :   * do planning, and budgeting before you shop,   * do regular tracking of it all, on the go and * do keep conversing and getting feedback to help making better decisions for safe journey and enjoyable destination.

Top 12 Unit Testing Gotchas

How does safety look like when done for compliance sake? 01. Using a database. 02. Using a file system. 03. Using a network, say for accessing a 3rd-party API. 04. Having multiple assertions for a unit-test case. 05. Having dependency on other unit-tests to be run. 06. Having to do complex set-up of object dependencies of your test subject. 07. Having no assertions. 08. Having dummy assertions to pass tests. 09. Commenting out failing unit-tests. 10. Complicating your unit-test suite by over-engineering. 11. Abusing Mocks to get done with your job quickly and dirtily. 12. Abusing Code-Coverage tools to satisfy org policies. Don't do Unit Testing for compliance sake. Do it because it helps you to be productive and saves you from embarrassment at the very least. If you have trouble appreciating this practice, you should invest your time learning to do it the right way. Happy learning!!..