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Understanding Open Conversation By Example

An example of recent conversation I have had with my team member(s): * TM : Team Member When I was having open conversation with one of the team members (let's call him TM1), this time around in the presence of other team members for transparency's sake, another (let's call him TM2) quickly pitches in to interject: TM2: Hey Karthik, why have such serious conversations and be hard on him? Just chill out guys. Me (Turning to him): You are making judgement so quickly. Hmm..Have you been listening to this conversation from the beginning? TM2: No Me: Do yo have the context of the subject we are talking about? TM2: No Me: Then on what basis are you advising? TM2: Because he is my friend. Me: Neither he is my enemy nor you. You should park your friendship outside of this room. This room is about business, about delivery and not who is what to who. Do we understand each other? TM2: Hmm..I'm not sure. Me: Phew!, now allow me to finish my conversation with him wi