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Agile By Example 2012

Agile By Example 2012 - The travel to Warsaw, Poland is a long journey. And to stay there for a few days beating their chill weather for a skinny guy like me, its a gargantuan task. My diet there during the duration of my stay there was Bread, Butter and Jam with a cuppa coffee for Breakfast. And just Apples and juices for lunch and dinner :( I saved much of my energy not talking to folks until I'm done with my talk. Once my talk is delivered, I had a great time with the attendees and other speakers. My slide-deck of the presentation that I gave at this conference is below: Why I hated the daily stand-up and how I started enjoying it? If you've attended my talk at the conference, I'd appreciate you feedback of my talk via speaker-rate link, just below the embedded presentation. Thanks in advance! My talk feedback can be found at speaker-rate, comments section of slide-share, etc. Below is the snapshot of some live feedback of my talk on twitter: RT