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Spring Boot Alternatives On Java Platform

Bored of Spring Boot? Afraid of Spring Boot? Looking out for Spring Boot alternatives, just for fun? Some of the popular alternatives to it are listed below, for you to explore it yourself: Eclipse Vert.x : is a toolkit for building reactive applications on JVM. Jodd : is a set of micro-frameworks and developer-friendly tools and utilities. Use it to get your MVP out of the door quickly. Ninja Web Framework : is a full-stack cloud-ready web-framework for Java. Fluent Http : is the simplest fastest full fledged web server we could come up with.  Jboss ThornTail : is optimized for micro-service architectures on Java platform. It wraps the web-apps on Wildfly app servers .

If I could live my life again

I am an avid reader. I read a lot and read on diverse topics. There are topics like religion, philosophy, Hinduism, life-hacks, habits, etc. that make you think about what you just read. Today, I stumbled upon this quote by a famous Argentinian poet by name Jorge Luis Borges , while I was reading Quora and felt I should etch it in my blog repository for my quick reference. Thanks to  Hector Quintanilla for having shared this on Quora. This maded my day. If you are on Quora, I'd recommend following him for his works there.

Update docker containers when its image is updated

Imagine you have your Microservices A-E managed by Teams 1-3 like shown below: Now when you have each of your services containerized with docker and you use docker-compose to deploy the entire set of services as one logical unit as your application. One of the core-points of a microservice is loosely-coupled services that are independently deploy-able.

What is @SpringCloudApplication?

With the release of Spring Boot 2.0, comes bundled @SpringCloudApplication  annotation to make the development of Micro-services application a tad bit easier on the developer. @SpringCloudApplication  does a couple of things more than  @SpringBootApplication . Both are wrapper annotations. But what do they each wrap exactly? @SpringBootApplication =  @Configuration +  @EnableAuto Configuration  +  @ComponentScan @SpringCloudApplication =  @SpringBootApplication + @EnableDiscoverClient + @EnableCircuitBreaker

Do you follow your heart or your mind?

Do you follow your heart or mind, especially when they disagree? For some following the heart is being divine and following the mind is being evil. And there  are some for whom following the heart is being idiotic and following the mind is being smart.