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Go - Strengths, Weaknesses and Threats

This post is web-developer's point of view on the strengths, weaknesses and threats of employing Go as a programming language having used (and continuing to use) programming languages like Java, C-Sharp, Ruby, Python, Javascript etc. The Strengths Fairly straightforward and simpler to learn and be productive.  Less features implies less things to worry about -- no OOP and thus no classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism and associated complexities. Errors as return values instead of thrown exceptions. Now this is a different way to see an error/exception. The world is circling back to Statically typed languages and Go is statically typed.  Programming concurrency is simplified with Goroutines. Arguably consumes lesser resources (Memory, CPU, etc.) than other programming languages.  Has the goodness of JVM/Dotnet world's Garbage Collection freeing the program