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Accessing localhost server in host machine from Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion runs on  Virtualbox , and the default network configuration is “ Host-Only ”. Host-only essentially means all network requests within Genymotion are routed through the host machine. Put other way, the host becomes the network proxy for Genymotion. Now should we run any service in the host machine that Genymotion needs to make use of, all we need to do is get the host machine ip address as seen by Genymotion Virtualbox. From host machine perspective, the name of the Genymotion’s network will be  vboxnet0.

A Day In The Life Of An Enterprise Programmer

It starts with investigating a reported bug.  More often than not his/her hunting for the source of the said bug results in discovering more bugs to bug him/her.  ::facepalm:: Still can't empathise with him/her? Check out the visual metaphor below #DebuggingLegacySystem #Fragile #FAIL