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6 Strategies For Migrating To AWS - A Cheatsheet

Migration to cloud is no easy task. There are a lot of planning and preparation that needs to be done before the journey even begins. But this post is not about the phases of cloud migration.  This post is about the common strategies that are adopted by the organisations to migrate applications from on-premise to cloud. This post is not a substitute to the AWS Whitepaper on this subject, but an exam cram or cheat-sheet of sorts to aid your understanding and remember it all easily. So the cheat-sheet to 6 common strategies are: 1. Re-host   Think:  Lift and Shift   Times when you can automate the entire migration by way of automation with AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) , without much manual intervention. 2. Re-platfo

Pre-Warming AWS Lambda Functions

Do you know that if your Lambda function is not invoked for a while and then invoked later, it may not be as responsive as you would wish it be? And that is because if a Lambda function is not used for a long time (which is subjective to AWS systems as it deems right perhaps based on the demand against available capacity), AWS would re-cycle the container hosting the Lambda function. Subsequent to that for any new requests to this lambda function, AWS needs to deploy the container hosting it for the lambda function execution to happen. This overhead time of launching the container will make your new requests look a little unresponsive. This can potentially be an issue that might surprise your team and business alike when you least expect it. To avoid such unpleasant and unwanted surprises, you can keep the container active discouraging it to be recycled by AWS infrastructure systems. AWS calls this technique as pre-warming the lambda function . But what is the best way to pu

My Experience With Pluralsight E-Learning Platform

In my earlier blog post I have shared my experience of how I could make surprisingly good use of Pluralsight's FREE April subscription, in the hope that others might draw similar mileage in times of Covid-19 pandemic uncertainty. Now in this blog post, I'd like to continue on that and share my experience of Pluralsight platform. I had earlier used this platform sitting alongside my team members to encourage online learning in teams that I coached and consulted with. Unfortunately, I didn't explore it much back then to motivate my teams. I hope the earlier post and this one serves them well as much as I hope it serves you :) What really clicked for me? I really love the Skill IQ tests. It is not too lengthy and not too short. Most of the questions are good with custom time ticking. Check out my Pluralsight Profile for the number of tests that I took during April 2020. The conferences addition is a good one. I book-marked a few but couldn't complete it