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Run SQL in Unix Shell

While reading the book -  Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition  - I have come across a section where the authors show how to run a SQL against a sqlite3 database. Want to know where in that book you can find it? Go purchase the book and find it yourself :P Now back to my business of curiosity - I wanted to know how do I do this in every other databases that I have used so for. This blog post is a record of that endeavor. This should be very handy mainly for the Rails developers. Unix, SQL and SQlite3 linux_prompt$ sqlite3 db_file_name.sqlite3 "SELECT * FROM my_db_table" linux_prompt$ sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3 "SELECT count(*) from schema_migrations" linux_prompt$  sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3 <<EOF > SELECT * FROM users; --where 'users' is a table in my development.sqlite3 DB   > SELECT * FROM schema_migrations;  --where 'schema_migrations' is a table in my development.sqlite3 DB >EOF Unix, SQL and M

Tech Conferences

An endeavor to list all the technology conferences so that people can take a quick look at the list and plan at the beginning of the year to decide on what conference to attend. 1. GOTO (formerly JAOO)     Web:     When: August, October - every year      JAOO is a world class conference that covers the latest developments across the software landscape. The format includes 3 conference days and 3 training days with 80+presentations and 20+ training sessions. With 21 tracks, JAOO highlights a broad range of topics that are top of mind for today's professional development community. JAOO speakers are software experts, authors and practitioners who have made significant strides in the world of software and are setting the stage for the future developments in the industry. 2. QCon     Web:          When: QCon runs 5 times a year in London, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sao Paulo.     QCon is a practitioner-driven confe