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Should I choose AWS CodePipeline or Jenkins?

Jenkins is a "Product".  If you pick Jenkins, then you will have to figure out ways to manage the environment and infrastructure where it is deployed, just as the way you would have to manage your very own web-app deployment environment. AWS CodePipeline is "Product as a Service".  You don’t have to worry one bit about managing the environment in which the underlying product is deployed because AWS does that for you. If I were you, I would favour CI/CD services like  AWS CodePipeline  over picking up Jenkins and managing its infrastructure ecosystem. That said there are a lot of alternatives to AWS CodePipeline, that you can pick-up depending upon your mileage/bias. Some of them are listed below: CircleCI  used by 20k+ organisations, the notable ones being Facebook, Spotify, etc TravisCI  used by companies like ZenDesk, Heroku, etc Atlassian’s Bamboo , the creators of  Bitbucket  as alternative to  Github . CodeShip  that hasa ssome marquee brands l