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Fix for issue in deleting messages by Owner in Microsoft Teams

The Issue We recently adopted Microsoft Teams as platform for Team Collaboration. As part of adoption there are various experiments that we do like trying out different third-party apps for productivity. In so doing these apps posts messages that might be noise for others and I wanted to delete these messages post uninstalling these apps. But alas, I couldn't delete the messages even though I'm wear the owner role (the other possible role being member ) of the channel. The Cause Microsoft Teams by default disables this functionality, perhaps to preserve data integrity.  As Administrator of Microsoft Teams however, you can change this default setting The Solution Step 1: Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Center and login as Admin for Teams. Step 2: Go to Messaging Policies , and click Add button to create a new policy (you may call it Power-Owner, if you will) where you can turn on the option - "Owners can delete sent messages". See below snapshot for reference: Step 3: A

Avoid logging "Apache/2.4.48 (Ubuntu) (internal dummy connection)"

Apache 2.x keeps child processes alive by creating internal connections which appear in the log files as “internal dummy connection” on the IP address ::1 or  If you ever monitor Apache log files you’ll see a lot of these in the log files. How to prevent logging for these two IP addresses so your log files won't get filled up with these?  Make the following change to your /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file to add CustomLog directive as below: After this change restart your apache2 server with command in terminal like :  sudo systemctl status apache2