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My thoughts on hiring and retention

A question to motivate :  Which of the below candidate do you prefer?  A candidate who stayed in a company for good deal of years but has left it leaving a gaping hole in the knowledge.  A candidate who made it a point to share his/her knowledge by way of brilliant documentation making him/her irrelevant to the company before leaving. If your choice is option 1, then I would love to learn your though process around that decision of yours and what is your take on mine that I have put forth in this blog post. If your choice is option 2, I am go glad about your choice and would ask what did you do to ensure that your company as well embraces it in its hiring process. How I approach the hiring side of things?   One of the key things I do working with the Talent Acquisition team is to set the basic value system is set right and that we are all aligned to it, so that we can spot the right candidates that others miss. Having said that, I admit this is not an easy thing to do. One thing that w

10 Benefits of Remote Working

I have good enough experience in both working from office and home. But when everyone works from home as a habit or culture there are some unique benefits to it. This post lists advantages when the office in entirety works from home. Home food over junk food Better work-life balance Lesser office gossip opportunities Lesser scope for office politics Lesser scope for blame game Everyone is forced to communicate better Gaps in current system show up and the team is forced to address it Remote work is pocket friendly Escape from city traffic Ones attitude towards their team, their work and their company stand out distinctly How has it been for you since the start of Covid-19?