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Starting with a catchy title and all the right opening partnership with the audience, Karthik laid the foundation for the much intensive stuff that was to follow. He was effectively simple in breaking myths and illusions and driving home the key aspects of agile. On the whole, it was a brilliant effort.
-- Satyanarayanan Visvanathan, AVP, CSS Corp after attending my talk at PMI-KSS session

Karthik has the ability to connect with individuals at all levels and engage them in the subject. The delivery style is unique and will never allow the participants to lose track. He is a great listener and doesn't only deliver what he wants to but also respects and responds to thoughts and queries during his sessions.
-- Suresh Purisai, Program Manager and Solutions Architect, Honeywell on my speaking engagement at HTSL

Awesome presentation Kartz !
-- Sudhir, Senior Consultant, ThoughtWorks on my presentation at Ruby Conf India

Superb session Karthik. I use perforce at work and have been trying to use/using git for my personal projects and after this session, just came to know why I struggled with Git. The basics were clearly laid out which helps one to follow the steps easily.
-- Chandra Mohan, Lead Engineer, Intuit on my session on Git at Bar Camp Bangalore

Few days ago, during AgileByExample I was pleased to hear this Karthik's speech. I must say it was amazing. After few minutes simple topic about stand-ups (few minuste lasting meeting), became the speech about commitment, business value and respect. Shown in humourus way (Tom and Jerry - rulez!!) made me think about it deeply. Shown my team's problems and gave me new possibilities how to react, remove waste and coach about what is the most important - value. Karthik is great speaker. And he really knows what is he talking about.
-- Andrzej ZiƄczuk, Scrum Master, PayU on my talk at AgileByExample, Poland

Excellent presentation and an eye opener on many common mistakes that go unnoticed/ overlooked. Hats off to Karthik S for sharing his knowledge in his own style.
-- Vellan, attendee at Agile Kerala 2013