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Book Review: iWoz

This book is an autobiography of Steve Wozniak, technical co-founder of Apple. Have you read an biography book with a Glossary of jargons? This book has it with tech jargons for non-engineers to digest, which looks like a prank on non-engineers wanting to read this book. The readers either get it or don't. This is a biography of a geek engineer for a geek engineer, more so in my opinion for high schoolers and graduate engineers who can draw some inspiration out of the good parts of his life lessons leaving behind the unethical or illegal ones (Woz while admitting it to be illegal was admittedly frank to open it up to the world, albeit not considering it a crime from his worldview which is something you the young readers may want to be wary about). On the other hand how he didn't do drugs for the sake of getting along with the hippies he liked much is an interesting bit in the sense that the young can take that as an inspiration for not bucking down to social/peer pressure.

Woz wasn't a management guy and that can be read explicitly stated by him at least a couple of time in this book. He was and remains an engineer founder, a teacher and a philanthropist. For the non-tech side of his world the the last few chapters of the book can be read.

In some sense I'm glad that this book id out of place from other autobiographies. You get a perspective of what a geek gets elated about, how he thinks from the writings of this book.

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