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About Me

Lesson Learnt: Safety is not important; it is "the mandatory" thing
Karthik is an Entrepreneur, Agile Coach and Specializing Generalist who continuously hones his craftsmanship in software development and management. He has donned many hats/roles in development, testing, business analysis, and project management in both the greenfield/brownfield development and support/maintenance projects.

Lesson Learnt: Up-skilling takes deliberate effort and practice
Continuous observation, experimentation, practice and (un)learning is his daily karma. His mantra is "Love people. Be tech-savvy. Advertise good practices". To his credit, he has helped top and middle tier management to appreciate and adopt Agile mindset, by way of talks, workshops and games. He has also coached several development teams to embracing Agile practices. 

He has solid experience in clean coding, evolutionary design and architecture and leading teams in web development on technology platforms like Java, Ruby and sparingly Dot Net.

Influential speaker in numerous Agile and technology conferences, meet-ups and geek-weekends in Asia and Europe, including Ruby Conf, Agile Tour, Agile By Example, Next Generation Testing, Dev Day and Agile In Business. He has also facilitated code-retreats and dev-camps in the past. 
Lesson Learnt: Engaging audience is hard

His current volunteering activities include being core team member for Agile India 2014 and committee member for Agile Kerala 2013.

If you have attended any of his talks in the past, then do feel free post your feedback of the same at SpeakerRate

My Popular Posts

Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

We are nothing but the values we carry. All through my life thus far, I tried to influence people around me with the virtues I value. Thanks to some good reading habits I had inculcated, and the fortune of being in good community of peers and mentors alike, I managed to have read some real good books. This post is about the 10 commands of egoless programming in Weinberg's book. I shall explain the commandments based on my experience here. So very many decades ago, Gerald M. Weinberg authored  The Psychology of Computer Programming . In it, he listed The Ten Commandments of  Egoless Programming , which remains relevant even today for us as not just programmers but as team-members. Weinberg is regarded as a pioneer in taking a people-centric approach to computing, and his work endures as a good guide to intelligence, skill, teamwork, and problem-solving power of a developer. When they appear to inspire and instruct, we find that they can apply to just about every business area, and e

Should I buy refurbished laptop from Amazon?

This post is based on my experience with and guess it to be true on all other platforms as well. At least you can check out and verify for these pointers before you make that decision to buy renewed/refurbished laptop on Amazon with your hard earned money. I see this question propping up in several forums and on many different occasions. In the recent past, I had my 5 year old dell laptop that gave up because its motherboard failed. One of the options that I had in my mind was to re-use the HDD and the 16GB DDR4 RAM of that old laptop in the one that I purchase next as secondary.  I had come to a conclusion that it is not worth buying a refurbished/renewed laptop at all. Why? For the following reasons, most of which I see as BIG #RedFlags: You got to remember that Amazon provides a platform for 3rd party sellers to sell their products as well. So in your search for refurbished laptops you wouldn’t want to choose some random 3rd party seller who Amazon doesn’t endorse. You cou

Multi-tenant Architectures

  Multi-tenancy Application Deployment Architecture could be modeled in 4 broad ways: Separate Apps & Separate Databases Shared Apps & Shared Databases Separate Apps & Shared Databases Shared Apps & Separate Databases There is no right or wrong here. It's about choice and consequence that you should consider taking into your business context and constraints. In this post I intend to jot down a some key points to keep in mind for each of these multi-tenant architecture. These are more of quick notes for my quick reference, a cheat-sheet of sorts when I have to make choices. And I guess this can come handy to you too in your wise decision making. Separate Apps & Separate Databases Easiest to implement from development and deployment stand-point. Just automate the deployment infrastructure for every tenant for quick set-up. Most expensive of all the models from infrastructure cost stand-point. Relatively longer deployment t