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Fix for issue in deleting messages by Owner in Microsoft Teams

The Issue

We recently adopted Microsoft Teams as platform for Team Collaboration. As part of adoption there are various experiments that we do like trying out different third-party apps for productivity. In so doing these apps posts messages that might be noise for others and I wanted to delete these messages post uninstalling these apps. But alas, I couldn't delete the messages even though I'm wear the owner role (the other possible role being member) of the channel.

The Cause

Microsoft Teams by default disables this functionality, perhaps to preserve data integrity. 

As Administrator of Microsoft Teams however, you can change this default setting

The Solution

Step 1: Go to Microsoft Teams Admin Center and login as Admin for Teams.

Step 2: Go to Messaging Policies, and click Add button to create a new policy (you may call it Power-Owner, if you will) where you can turn on the option - "Owners can delete sent messages". See below snapshot for reference:

Step 3: After you save it, your policies table should look something like below:

Step 4: Click Manage users button that you can see in the table navigation to assign this Power-Owner (as I call it) to the select group of users.

Step 5: Take a break to go have a cup of Coffee/Tea, for the changes took more than a while to take effect. 

Step 6: And when you are back from your break, log-out from Microsoft Teams and log back in again. You should see the delete button against others messages as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 7: Celebrate for becoming a Power Owner who can delete others messages. Don't you forget, "With more powers, come more responsibilities!!.."