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Are we living in the most chaotic times?

Chaotic Times

I think YES! Don't trust me on this? Pick any one of the items from the following list, think of how you would define it and then go about asking others on their thoughts about it all to see how different your perspective is from theirs..and keep doing this for a while.
  • Agile Vs SAFe Vs Scrum Vs <your_enterprise_(fr)agile_methodology>
  • DevOps Vs Agile
  • DevOps Vs SysOps Vs Infrastructure Automation
  • SOA Vs Microservices
  • Data Warehouse Or Data Lake or Data Mart or Data Mesh or Data LakeHouse
  • Data Science Vs Machine Learning Vs Deep Learning
  • Data Analyst Vs Data Scientist Vs Data Engineer
  • Project Manager Vs Product Manager Vs Product Owner Vs Engineering Manager
  • Prototype Vs MVP
  • Serverless Vs Otherwise
  • Startup Vs Enterprise
  • Hybrid Cloud Or Multi-cloud Or Federated Cloud
  • TDD Vs BDD Vs Otherwise
  • Message Queue Or Message Broker
  • Preacher leadership Or Practioner leadership
  • Human Resources Or People
  • Jumping Jacks Vs Dated Davids 
  • Titles or Roles
Got an item to add to this compilation? Do share your thoughts..

Just to be explicit, the sheer variety of perspectives or variations in the definitions is enough to cause chaos in the event of assumed agreements of definitions during the use of these words in business conversations no matter how casual it apparently is. The take away is to have more conversations around these buzzwords to understand what the other person intends it to be and yes, that adds more to your existing complexity in how you structure and prepare your dialogue. Got the drift of it, at least?

Here is a case in point. There are people who see Data Lake as an evolution over Data Warehouse and then there are those that see them as complementary. Add to this conflict of perspectives, there are companies that shout out to newer buzzwords like Data Mesh, Data LakeHouse, etc. It remains to be seen as to what ticks with the enterprise world and what is their perspective and definition of that buzzword that they adopt.

What I see is that this lack of (absolute) agreement on any buzzword is the new order and it creates newer challenges to overcome and opportunities to showcase.

Happy explorations with open conversations!!...