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Do you follow your heart or your mind?

Do you follow your heart or mind, especially when they disagree? For some following the heart is being divine and following the mind is being evil. And there  are some for whom following the heart is being idiotic and following the mind is being smart.

That question that was asked in social media made me ponder  how I tend to work. And this rest of the blog post is my answer to that question.

Honestly, it depends!

Typically, it is always a war between the two, when they disagree. Sometimes it is the heart that wins, and sometimes it is the mind that wins.

And then there are times, I have changed my mind. There also have been times, I have changes my heart.

I think I have evolved over time, for better, with education, experience and such. What helped me was constantly checking if I'm doing the right thing, by being open to learning and unlearning.

For every proverb there is an anti. Live is not that straight-forward. It is damn complex that doing the right thing depends on the context. What is right in one occasion could be awfully wrong in another. What is right for one person could be wrong for another, because his circumstances could be different. So while the heart speaks out  "wishes and values", the mind speaks out "pros and cons". The conflict between the two is good. Allow them to fight, but make sure they come to a consensus.