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HTTPie over cURL

cURL is a pretty awesome tool with exhaustive features that you can leverage.

But, the question is in your regular day-work how much of it do you use? If the answers is hardly any or some of it's features. Then, you're better off installing and trying out HTTPie.

HTTPie has at least the following advantages over its counterpart:

  • HTTPie gives nicely formatted output, especially, if you're output is json. It really comes handy when you got to test some REST services quickly from cli.
  • HTTPie produces color formatted output. Colorized output is so easy to read.
  • In some occasions, you may end up having brackets or other special characters. With HTTPie you don't have to worry about it at all. Whereas with cURL, you either have to escape such characters or use the -g flag that turns off the URL globbing parser. Figuring this out takes a while, after all you can't remember the nitty-gritty details of every tool that you use.

Happy curl-ing with HTTPie :-)

In the snapshot image below see the difference in output between the two discussed CLI tools