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Start-Stop MongoDB Server in Mac

Mac's System Preference => MongoDB Preference Pane
Are you one of those who find it a pain to start/stop MongoDB server from the command line or perhaps looking for a better alternative or in particular wish you do it through a UI? And are you a Mac user?

Then, you might love MongoDB Preference Pan for the Mac. Its a utility that you can install so that the much needed start/stop functions can be performed via UI with Mac's System Preference pane. As a bonus, you might even start your mongodb server instance on system startup by a simple check-box selection.

Installation Steps:
  1. Download zip from github.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file (likely named
  3. Simply, double-click MongoDB.prefPane and you're all set.
Note: Before you install this utility it is important that you install MongoDB first ;)

Usage Steps:
  1. Go to Mac's System Preferences
  2. Click Mongo-DB icon
  3. Start/Stop your instance
Work in peace!