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Management Consulting on Agile Adoption and Transformation

  • Are you tired of buzz-words and certifications driven Agile process consultants? Now, looking for a Practitioner Coach?
  • Is your organisation wanting to embrace Agility in spirit and action but not sure how to pick the right consultant from the hordes?
  • Is your current Agile transformation not helping you see value?

It has been a few years that Agile has become main stream methodology of software development. Unfortunately though, its adoption has gone awry at many organisations for reasons aplenty.

It is important that you choose the right person for the right job. Get in touch to find out how I can partner with you to help your organisation embrace Agility.

Guess what, you loose nothing getting in touch. Talk and know what you gain working with me. I put forth challenges that no one else can dare, to help evaluate value delivery out of the engagement.

Technical Consulting on Cloud Migration to AWS 

  • Don't you want to avoid expensive and time consuming failed attempts to cloud migration?
  • Don't you want to avoid black-boxed large scaled hit or miss approach?
  • Don't you want to do it the Agile way that delivers value by embracing transparency and open-culture?
  • Don't you want to avoid snake-oil consulting that promises magical results without delivering incremental results? 

I have had the fortune of doing quite a few cloud migrations of varied scale. I have this unique strength of doing development and deployment on varied platforms from bare-metal servers on-premise/Soft-Layer to PaaS like Heroku to IaaS like AWS and Azure.

There are a ton of lessons that I have gained from that experience. The most humbling of all is that the platforms are evolving faster making me out-dated. But luckily there is a pattern to it - yesterday's impossible is possible today. Don't trust me on this? Check out for yourself on how dated an approach your favorite cloud migration vendor takes. Get in touch to find out how I can partner with you to help your organisation embrace Agility in Cloud Migration to AWS preferably, for your enhanced business delivery without compromising on safety and speed.

Guess what, you loose nothing getting in touch. Talk and know what you gain working with me. And before that, do feel free to read a few of the lessons that I have learned in this endeavor:

Technical Coaching on Agile Engineering practices

With all other things set right and done, Agile Engineering practices is something that cannot take a back seat. You cannot think of Agility without the engineering practices. If somebody says you can, they are plain wrong. You're better off dumping them without much noise and spend time looking for the right coach and mentor who has been there, done that with enough success and failure tales to share.
  • Not sure how to set the Agile eco-system for your green field project? 
  • Is TDD and other practices hurting your development teams? 
  • Is Legacy System an excuse, obstacle or pain? 
  • Any thing else hurting you and your teams? 

Do you really care for a hands-on leader and coach to guide your teams to successes and happy work-life balance? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities of solving your problems. 

Lean Startup Advisor

Are you a startup founder with grand ideas for products that can be built to gain rapid market share and make huge loads of cash. Do you need the helping hand of a product strategist and architect with solid software engineering practices and genuine aptitude for technology? I've been there done all that with good share of successes and failures.

You certainly don't want to take the wrong path that is alluring and involves high risk for hidden failures. It's important you know your risks, the target consumer, your product, its development strategy, the development team and host of other important things. It then becomes imperative to hand-pick the right guy as advisor.

If you're looking for one such guy, you've come to the right place. Get in touch to help me help you!

Invited talks at Conferences, Corporate-Houses, Colleges

From time to time I get requests to deliver a talk or workshop to solve a particular problem, or simple to repeat one of my conference talks, because the sponsor finds value in it.

More often than not I accept such requests for a small price. Find out more by getting in touch.


Agile Overview Workshop (1 day)

Scrum Workshop (1 day)

Kanban Workshop (1 day)

Get in touch to learn more.

Training | Bootcamp | Course

Coding the Ruby way (2 days)

Coding the Javascript way (2 days)

Git for fun and productivity (1 day)

Test Driven Development (TDD) in Java | Ruby | Javascript (2 days)

Clean Code in Java (1 day)

Test Automation with Selenium/Webdriver (2 days)

Get in touch to learn more.

Why me as your Agile Coach? 

What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. 
Its what we know for sure that just ain't so.
-- Mark Twain.

The above statement is so true that many a good companies miss the boat by not picking the right person for the right job. There are a plethora of commercial institutions that offer all kinds of tantalising "Agile Coaching" packages that even the good companies/clients fall in his trap.

Agility is not what it looks like and feels like. For cosmetic agility there are a zillion in the market. If you wish to have a good night's sleep and care the same for your employees, then you need true agility. And true agility comes from how well the dots are connected.

Don't get it still? Listed below are the top 10 reasons on why you should partner with this dude. If not, those are the ones you need to expect from the Agile coach you hire.
  1. No Fluff Just Stuff Consulting
  2. Hands-on technologist. Head-on people champion.
  3. Power packed all round experience in software development in terms of roles, project types, team sizes, technology stack, etc
  4. Shameless talking about personal failures and successes in equal measure to aid community and peer learning experience
  5. Unmatchable rates for inimitable and pragmatic coaching that delivers
  6. Lead by example influencer to induce changes at all levels
  7. Great facilitator in conflict resolution, and enhanced learning
  8. Incorporates blended learning, where theory meets practice
  9. A known figure in the tech and agile communities alike
  10. Solid background in delivery. Been there, done that.
  11. Bonus: Practitioner of ethical and honest consulting to build trust and long standing relationship

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