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Book Review: Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally

Key Takeaways 

  • Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. By facing and overcoming challenges we build resilience. The mother eagle faces this every time it pushes its chick from its nest built in high altitudes fearing the death of its baby, should it not fly but then overcomes this fear and pushes its baby making it fly.
  • Overcome fears. Facing your fears and taking calculated risks will lead to significant personal growth.
  • Take initiatives. You need to filter wishes from real goals, to focus and take the first steps towards your goal.

My Review on Goodreads

This is the second time I have read this book and the first time I read it was many years ago. Either ways, I appreciate the authors style of writing and the efforts he has put in to shape the workbook for the readers to make active participation, should they so desire to benefit from the book. 

What makes dreams come true are positive, goal-oriented actions. Get this book and take part in the exercise to unlock your motivation to push yourselves to plan right and execute with might your very goals.