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How to spot an idiot in your office?

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker delivered a rather unique commencement address to the Northwestern University Class of 2023 on Monday, sharing wisdom from the hit television show "The Office" to help send graduates "forward on the right path in life.". For shorter version of this video check out this.

This is one of those speeches that make you laugh, think and get inspired to become a better person at work. Thankfully for me, I was fortunate to have been with leaders like this at workplace early on in my career to have strong value system that underpinned all our initiatives to successes. It is in such an environment that I grew stronger from strength to strength and have been seeding this culture in all places that lack this.

So here is my take on the subject that is in the lines of this august speaker. An idiot in a field is understandably insecure and thus notoriously servile to his boss while being cruel to his team, in that he would take more pride in cruelty than any shame in his idiocy at skills. You may find it surprising at first before normalizing this behavior when you witness this in corporate world.

Don't aspire to be that idiot. Work on your skills, strengthen you values, and become the leader you wish to work with. This is how we make this world a better place for others and consequently ourselves.