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Aadhar Card - Online Address Update Process

Do you know that you can update the address of your Aadhar via web instead of in-person. The in-person thingy is something that is a time killer, where one has to spend at least half-a-day at the UIDAI authorized enrollment center like state's municipal office or post-office standing in long queue.

If you are making the address update request based on your address proof document, you can check out IndMoney's blogpost on this; I wish UIDAI had put up a post like that apart from the FAQ post on this topic.

If you are like me living with parents, where my dad is the Head of Family in my family's Ration card, I realized that I can quickly update my address in my Aadhar card based on the address of my Dad's Aadhar card. All of us in family felt so relieved at this simplification of the process. I personally felt appreciations for the Product Managers at UIDAI to have known the domain well enough to have thought through a simplified solution. They would have been world-class, if only they had documented the process as well to make the end-user's life easier. Now because they didn't do this and that their workflow is broken in poor communication with the end-user, I had to wait for over 4 months with the workflow being stalled in "Verification Stage"

After months of waiting, I visited the local municipal office to see what is stopping them from clearing this verification from their end and I was simply asked to contact the customer care for all online requests. Several calls and emails to call center weren't really helpful in that we got template responses that made no sense; until one gentleman clarified that the "Verification Stage" in case of "My Head of Family (HoF) Requests" are to be done by the Head of Family and not by some govt or UIDAI official in the backend. One of those times in life when you feel greatly relieved (that you found some way forward) and pained (for having wasted a lot of time and energy in a supposedly trivial affair) at the same time.

My request has now moved to "Validation Stage" now and I hope there are no surprises. Will keep you posted if I encounter one.

Cut to chase, post your address update via "Head of Family" route and successful payment of 50 INR, you would get an SRN (Service Request Number) that you should record for all future reference to this transaction. If like me, you have not done it, you can get it by logging into your Aadhar Account and selecting "Payment History" box in your dashboard page. The Payment History page shows the SRN number against the payment for address update request you made earlier. Share this SRN number to your "Head of Family", who can then login into his Aadhar Account and select "My Head of Family (HoF) Requests" where he can search for SRN numbers to either Approve/Decline your request. Once your SRN number is approved by your HoF, you can see that your request moves to "Validation Stage" from your Aadhar's dashboard like below:

Aadhar User Dashboard

If you have been through this pain and have reached here to find the fix, here is one thing I ask from you - do your job whatever it be, well enough for your end-user. Grow that empathy for end-user and let that be your intrinsic motivation to do well in your job. Cheers!