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Book Review: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell is a wonderful book that I wish everyone reads to learn how little things can make a big difference to reach the heights you didn't imagine to begin with. Few concepts in this book stand out for me: 

1. The first being The Law of the Few that emphasizes the need to identify and engage The Mavens (aka Knowledge Encyclopedia), The Connectors (aka Glue) and The Salesmen (aka Deal makers who persuade); 

2. The second being Stickiness in the content/messaging that plays a pivotal role in the steep rise of the commodity to reach its tipping-point.

3. Finally, the often overlooked thing but such an important one - The Context. How this determines the outcomes is surely enlightening. 

I personally have a strong opinion to know the context in my endeavors and have always urged folks in my circle to know it for their own good. I wish I had read this book much earlier when this book was at its tipping point as best seller, that I would have cited this book to support my case from then on. Better late than never, they say, I would go about citing this book in my future conversations where appropriate.

P.S: I think the book could have been a little more trimmed, somewhere mid-way onwards; I know there is always this skim it or skip it option, and yet I wish the content is a little more condensed. The case-studies for instance are things the reader can skip altogether or read later or read it to make the lessons in the book stick.

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