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Lessons From A Sports Coach In Leadership - 1

Athlete: Can I drink alcohol?

Coach: Yes sure!

Athlete: Can I smoke a cigar?

Coach: Certainly. 

Athlete: Can I party with my friends all night, dancing, chatting and watching movies? 

Coach: Of course you can!!

Athlete: Can I get high??

Coach: With anything you want. 

Athlete: So what is it I cannot I do?

Coach: What you cannot do is expect to have the fitness and skills to win a competition without first sacrificing everything you mentioned above. All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial for anyone with goals. You decide to sacrifice for your next level, for your life goals. You decide what is more important - your worldly desires or your noble goals. You decide how far to go up or go down, that is your responsibility. To reach your goals, worldly  pleasure must be deferred, at the very least.