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3 Phases Of Organization Evolution

Phase 1 : Start-Up

  • This is a Product-Market Fit aka 0-1 Phase.
  • You will experience madness in this phase!

Phase 2 : Scale-Up

  • Product-Market Growth aka 1-N Phase. You are scaling the product line to more and more customers.
  • Scaling a product has different set of challenges. The key secret to getting better at this phase is to add method to madness.

Phase 3 : Enterprise 

  • Brand Monopoly Phase aka (Multiple Scale Ups). This is the phase where you aspire from competing to being the competition.
  • From competing to becoming a competition is the ultimate kind of adrenaline rush. If you have gotten the fundamentals right in the above phases and have reached this far, the next step is relatively easier (in theory). In this phase, your business is to primarily remove madness, retain the method, and build recipes. These recipes is what you rinse and repeat for the different product lines, each of which might grow from start-up to scale-up on its own, thus growing your monopoly or becoming the competition.  

Originally posted in my LinkedIn feed.