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Book Review : Redis Microservices

This post of copy-paste version of my review at GoodReads.

What makes this book tick for a reader from an Architect's standpoint?

  • This book is freely available for download from RedisLabs. Go get it and read it!
  • The book is condensed with less than 60 pages to read in all.
  • This book gives you an architectural perspective on why and how you can adopt Redis Enterprise for your Microservices architecture.
  • This book sure is inclined on how Redis Enterprise comes to your rescue in the later chapters over the open-sourced ones. For the uninitiated, be aware that Redis Enterprise provides a management layer over Redis Cluster, giving unified and simplified API enhancing operational experience with Redis Cluster, if I may put it that way. 
  • The book is also supplemented with a code sample in github for one to try things out.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and wish it is titled to something like "Microservices Architecture with Redis Enterprise for dummies" as good indicator of its content. For this reason, I have marked 4 stars and nothing else.