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Why Kaliyug is considered as Shresht Yuga by Ved Vyas?

कलियुग is considered as श्रेष्ठ युग by Ved Vyas because in Kaliyuga, a man can attains Moksha with a little effort.

The benefits ((फल) which is obtained by austerity, celibacy and chanting the name of ishwara for:

  • 10 years in Sathya Yuga
  • 1 year in Treta Yuga
  • 1 month in Dwapara Yuga

can be obtained in 1 day and 1 night in Kali Yuga.

The benefits which is obtained: 

  • by meditating in Sathya Yuga,
  • by performing yagna in Treta Yuga,
  • by performing devarchana in Dwapara Yuga,
can obtained by chanting only  the name of Shri Krishna in Kali Yuga.