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Better Notifications With Microsoft Teams

I am a bit of a productivity junkie and look for opportunities to reduce my distractions. In my work environment where we use Windows Operating System (this advice should work on Mac OS too but just that we are not going to delve on the how-to with it), I turn on the Focus Assist in the Manage Notifications section often during my work. And I like this to be the single place where I decide whether or not I want to see app notifications in real time.

The Focus Assist when turned off in the Manage Notifications pane looks like below:

When you are using Teams it works to your advantage if you leverage the underlying OS's notification system rather than teams, so that you decide when to turn these on/off depending on your needs, in a single place; Focus Assist in case of Windows.

But how do you do it in Teams? It is a 2 step process:

Step 1: Change Settings In Teams To Use Windows Notifications

Step 2: Change Settings In Windows To Turn On Notifications Of Teams App