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The Ayurvedic Health Clock


  • The Ayurveda clock shows each active dosha at its respective time and what activities we should do to best serve our mind, body & soul so we can adapt to our natural rhythm, offering us energy, vitality, rest and rejuvenation at appropriate times.
  • The Ayurveda clock is divided into six 4 hr cycles, three of which occur during the day and three during the night.
  • KAPHA time (6 am- 10am) : This is the best time for exercise as physical strength is great during these hours. Kapha is the most stable and grounding dosha. If we do our exercise routine during the morning Kapha hours, we have the best chance of developing an enduring habit. If you feel lazy and difficult to get out of bed, then Kapha dosha is the culprit here. So, try getting up before 6am to avoid feeling sluggish.
  • PITTA time (10am - 2pm) : Pitta dosha governs digestion and appetite. Our Agni is strongest during these hours. So, eat your largest meal of the day during this time. The Pitta energy aids our ability to concentrate. We are most focused and alert during the Pitta times of the day. Our analytical and comprehensive abilities are at their best. Hence, one should carry out the most productive tasks and biggest action plans at this time of the day.
  • VATA time (2 pm- 6pm) : Vata energy promotes creativity and imagination. It keeps our mind alert. We are able to learn new things. So, this is the perfect time for working on creative projects and connecting with others. Also good time for meditation, grounding exercises or a nature walk.
  • KAPHA time (6 pm- 10pm) : The evening Kapha hours are ideal for relaxation and winding down. Have a light dinner, preferably before sunset. Avoid exposure to screens as it stimulates the brain and interferes with sleep. Kapha naturally induces heaviness and sleep. So one should go to bed around 10 pm to fall asleep peacefully.
  • PITTA time (10pm - 2am) : Pitta at night is not intended for digestion but rather works towards tissue healing, restoration and rejuvenation of the body. We should not eat during this time. The deep sleep during this period is mentioned as the most nourishing one (Bhūtdhātri nidra) in Ayurveda. Our mind is in subconscious state now. 
  • VATA time (2 am- 6am) : During early Vata hours, our sleep gets lighter. This is the time for active dreaming and visualisation. Wake up before sunrise. The predawn hours (Brahma Mūhūrta) have prevalence of Sattva gūna (purity of mind and environment). Hence, waking up early makes you feel energetic and optimistic. Also Vata energy facilitates easy elimination of wastes. Planning your day according to the Ayurveda clock can significantly improve your productivity and digestion. It can help you to achieve your fitness goals, get a better night's sleep and achieve optimal health.
  • Source per the author - Satmya Ayurveda