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May 6, 2021

Book Review : Hands-on Azure Boards: Configuring and Customizing Process Workflows in Azure DevOps Services

Book Title: Hands-on Azure Boards: Configuring and Customizing Process Workflows in Azure DevOps Services

Author: Chaminda Chandrasekara

Publisher: Apress

My Ratings : 4/5

My Review: 

First off, this book is not your guide to learn the WHYs in Azure Boards. You are expected to have experience in Agile Project/Program management to know the WHYs on the Agile ceremonies or that you got to grab another book for this.

When you have the experience and knowledge on the Agile ceremonies and are looking to adopt Azure Boards for your teams like I had to in my team but don't know where to look at, this book should come to your rescue. It demonstrates it hands-on with screenshots of the GUI and is well organized into relevant topics, that makes you productive with Azure Boards. It served me well and I have recommended it to my team managers and so would to any manager wanting to adopt Azure Board for your project/product management.

Go get your copy and get productive :)

Note: The same is shared in Goodreads as well, where you can follow me for my reviews on books I read.


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