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Book Review -- React and React Native


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If you are that really impatient learner that loves hacking to build stuff more than loving to see how things are stitched together and why they are the way they are, then this book is for you. When you are wanting to get your hands dirty with React and React Native quickly, and are looking for a recipe of sorts to get started with in choosing a library for a problem, this book serves the purpose. When you want to quickly rush through a specific topic perhaps for job interview, this book will serve that goal possibly.

This is typical of a book from Packt publishers, if you know what I mean, just that it is not Cookbook or Recipe this time :P

Even in all this, this book is already dated in some sections, for instance the book uses example of react-navigation version 4, when version 5 is out and its API is different from v4.x. Blame it on the pace with which tech is evolving ;)

P.S: Review is originally published in GoodReads.