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Why Agile certification?

It is understandable for trainers to hard sell Agile Certifications by way of workshops, conferences etc.

It is understandable for candidates to chase this certification thing, because it gives them the quick entry pass to become Agile WhatNot.

But why do companies look for Agile certifications in a candidate's resume?
As an Enterprise, I need Certified Agile Candidates, so that ________.
What is your take on the above requirement, as a company hiring for "certified" folks? Put other way, as a decision maker or leader, how would you fill the blank in the above requirement making it add business value to your enterprise?

This remains a puzzling requirement to date. Some questions that linger the minds of my kind of people are:
  • Isn't the company having a single experienced person to hire the next right talent?
  • Is the company into believing that certification equals mastery?
  • Is the company even aware of the process to get the Agile certification that they ask for?
If you are in the decision making capacity of your company to have asked for this Agile certification requirement in the candidates you're to hire, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And even candid confessions like, "Well, we blindly copied what our competitors did", from you is acceptable :)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts..

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