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Book Review - Scalability Rules

 Scalability Rules

A book for Scalability enthusiasts

A good book that should serve as ready reference or guidance for anyone interested in the topic of availability and scaleability. Even though, the guidance/rules that this book mentions, seem  simple and seemingly intuitive, in the real-world situations you'll find violating these giving whatever excuse it be. Reading books like this re-affirms our own intuition and awakens you of risks the next time you come across situations that warrants you to apply these rules where appropriate.

The later chapters could have been better explained with examples. For instance, in the chapter on "Avoid or distribute scale", the author could have explained situations where these rules can be applied and where it does not. In the absence situational examples or use-cases, the reader might likely remain confused or worse with false sense of knowledge. The same applies in the chapter on async communication with Message Buseses, where the author talks about cost of data. Some real-world examples/use-cases would really make this book a rich resource for the reader. 

All said, this book deserves a place in the book-shelf of a developer, manager, architect or a CTO.