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Notes from TED Talk - Why do ambitious women have flat heads?

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Speaker Profile
In 1962, Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley founded Freelance Programmers, a software firm with innovative work practices -- and (mainly) women employees. 
She is a successful million-dollar entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a business-woman in technology. 
She is author of the book (memoir) titled, "Let it Go: The Entrepreneur Turned Ardent Philanthropist"

Secrets to success
  • Surround yourself with first-class people and people that you like. 
  • And choose your partner very very carefully.

Startup Entrepreneurship
It's one thing to have an idea for an enterprise. Making it happen is a very difficult thing. It demands:
  • extra-ordinary energy, self-belief, and determination 
  • the courage to risk family and home 
  • a 24/7 commitment that borders on the obsessive.

Work : "So it's just as well, I'm a workaholic. I believe in the beauty of work when we do it properly and in humility. Work is not just something I do when I'd rather be doing something else."

Life Lesson : We live our life forward. So what has all that taught me? I learned that tomorrow is never going to be like today, and certainly nothing like yesterday. And that made me able to cope with change, indeed eventually to welcome change, though I'm told I'm still very difficult. (Laughter)