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The Bad Developer

"Discipline.. do I look I care?"
It takes one rotten apple to spoil the entire cart of A-grade apples. And it takes one, just one #BadDeveloper to spoil the spirit and works of the entire team and hurt the project beyond anybody's imagination - no pun intended here. It thus becomes imperative to quickly identify the behavioral traits of the #BadDeveloper to save the team, project and the business from sinking.

Here is a quick list of some How-To(s) to find out the #BadDeveloper (or the rotten apple in your development team):

  • A bad developer is one who delves into technical details during #StandUp and functional details during #DevHuddle.
  • Bad Developer elaborates detail in commit message and updates team with headlines devoid of context.
  • A bad dev hides his insecurity with beaming arrogance of buncombe knowledge.
  • A bad coder complains that others don't like his work instead of working with them to get better.
  • A bad engineer takes pride in becoming a bottleneck (pain in the ...) to the team.
  • A bad coder churns more and more and more code that delivers little business value.
  • A bad dev has scanty respect for his fellow developers.
  • A bad coder gives importance to his learning at the cost of business value delivery.
  • A poor dev opines loud about code without pronouncing any logic or reason.
  • A bad dev is one who asks, 'What is in it for me?' instead of asking 'What is in it for business?'.
  • A bad engineer is one who loves to be a tormentor instead of being a mentor.
  • A poor dev is utterly non-communicative making code legacy even when its under active development.
  • A bad engineer litters and poops all over the code base to leave signs of his (bad) presence.

You better don't be that STINKY ENGINEER!!..