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Automate title metadata tag to its file name

Don't see media titles in your playlist of your media player. Chances are the title meta-data isn't set for those files. This blog post is a recipe to fix this situation, assuming you're a developer :)

Today, I tried to extract some of the media content from my old CDs so that I can play them in my computer that is devoid of CD drive. Who uses a CD drive these days ;-/

When I tried adding them to my media-player, I found that I don't see the names of the songs in my playlist. This kind of disappointed me.

Here is what I did to fix this situation.
Step 1: Install taglib in your OS.
Step 2: Install the taglib-ruby gem [Note: I've Ruby installed in my system.]
Step 3: Save the script  to my directory containing the said media files.
Step 4: Run the script from terminal like below:
          $ ruby modify_title_metadata_tag.rb          

For quick peek, the above mentioned Ruby Script is below.

Hope it helps you as well. Cheers!