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Which is the best Agile Project Management Tool?

Are you one of those trying to figuring out the best Agile Project Management Tool out there in the market?

I see this question being asked in some for or the other, from time to time, in every forum, in every country. And this blog post is dedicated to them.

With so many Agile Project Management tools out there in the market like Jira, Rally, VersionOne, LeanKit, Mingle, etc. each having its own set of unique features, pros and cons, how are you going to zero in on the best tool for your job?

Here is the hard truth. By asking for the best tool in the market and adapting to it, you are working backwards. I call this phenomena as "Blind Adoption To Tools", which is one of the Agile Smells.

It is not the best tool in the market that matters, but the tool that best fits your job that really matters. I keep saying this time and again in client meetings, conferences, meet-ups, etc.

So what is the way out? I'd say, work your way forward, which is to work bare-bones and adopt tool that makes your job easier. This way you know your work-flow, and will start exploring tools that enriches and automates most of your work-flow.

Wishing you and your teams, peace and success!