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Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg at Startup School 2013

Mark Zuckerberg gave a very candid and open interview at Startup School 2013. I liked it so much that I wanted to scribble some points from the talk. And this blog post is a bulleted list of lessons I learned from Mark.
  • If you're a startup that wanted to do something but scared that there would be this competition that has more skills and resources than you are that would kill you, then remember that you'd be able to do what you want to do if you care way more than everybody else and have the determination to do it in spite of the odds going against.
  • A lot a reason why great stuff gets built is because it's kind of irrational at that time but it selects people who care the most about it doing it.
  • Determination is the biggest piece that is required for a start-up founder to get going. So many things go wrong. So often people ask what mistakes should you avoid making. And the answer is don't even bother trying to avoid mistakes because you're going to make tons of mistakes. The important thing is actually learning quickly from whatever mistakes you make and not giving up. Nothing is impossible. You just gonna keep running through the walls.
  • "Managing people" VERSUS "Working with people you like"
  • Learn. Learn. Learn. Most smart people like learning..learning from people around them is just one way
  • On hiring: Hire people who you'd be glad to work for because you can learn from them
  • Team makes better decisions as a group than any individual would
  • People want to know about people is the core thing in psychology
  • Figure out the one thing that matters and just do that
  • Lockdown:  Whenever your competitor gets ahead of you, you don't leave your house until you've a solution for the problem