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Sweet Interaction Design in Github

Github is one fantastic example of simple and sweet user experience design. Its fascinating that they constantly take strides to make user experience better and even better.

Let me run you through an example to see how they make a mark in what they do.

Today I wanted to get Github's help in resolving an issue with my remote repository. So I went to their Contact Support page to file a request.

The first thing that WOW-ed me was the simplicity of their page. Check the screenshot below.

Do you see the niceties in the page?
The kinkiest of all is the one that is high-lighted with a blue oval in the screenshot above. Just about the time I wanted to key in all the details related to my issue, Github had it's way of politely telling me to define my problem succinctly. I read it and had my share of laughter. It tricked my brain from frustration to relief :)

How many times have we thought of something like this in the web application we developed. I loved this lesson that I just learned.

Now the fun experience isn't over yet. I tried to type in my problem in less than 140 characters. Honestly, I didn't believe I can until I tried. Thank you Github!

And when I submitted my request, Github presented me with a page as below:

This is heights of craziness, I say.. Love you Github, you made my day!